England and Norway to purchase one swine flu vaccine for each and every citizen

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On the evening news on the Norwegian state TV channel NRK it was said that Norway is to purchase 4,7 million doses of swine flu vaccines, which is exactly the same numbers as people living in the country.


According to one of the largest newspapers in Norway, VG, “the Norwegian health department will make a deal with the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to buy pandemic vaccine against new Influensa A (H1N1) and order 4,7 million doses of pre-pandemic vaccines”.


VG: “This is happening at the same time as the WHO is arranging a two day long meeting where different states discuss how to prepare for a possible full pandemic”.


WHO advarer mot falsk svineinflunsa-trygghet


Bestiller 4,7 millioner influensavaksiner


VG also cites an article from Sky News where it appears England have similar plans for its population. In the article from Sky News it says after informing that a school has been closed because of infected children, that “It comes as the Government ordered 90 million vaccines for the H1N1 swine flu virus from drug manufacturers GlaxoSmithKline and Baxter.”


It would appear that England is going to buy more vaccines than its population and the question one must ask oneself and others is, will all countries start forced mass vaccination if and when the WHO goes from level 5 to level 6?

“While GSK plans to start making the vaccine immediately, it could take up to six months for the UK to receive its first batch, Sky News’ health correspondent Thomas Moore has said.”

“He pointed out that the Government was still extremely nervous about the spread of the virus.”

“They are producing the vaccine to make sure they can protect the vulnerable groups in time for the autumn when they expect the flu to resurface in a stronger form,” he said.

Swine Flu: Middlesex School Is Closed

This information from the authorities is very disturbing because it resonates strongly to comments made in the US as well as Europe that the so-called swine flu virus will come back in a much more virulent and dangerous form in the autumn.

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England and Norway to purchase one swine flu vaccine for each and every citizen

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