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Pensjonsfondet – Utland

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1. kvartal 2008: 

Pensjonsfondets verdi 1.1 2008 var på 2018,6 milliarder kroner.

I første kvartal 2008 ble det tilført fondet 88,1 milliarder kroner.

Tap på investeringene var i første kvartal på 114,8 milliarder kroner.

Tap på sterk krone i forhold til andre valutaer var på 46,1 milliarder kroner.

Tap totalt var på 160,9 milliarder kroner.

Markedsverdi pr. 31.3 2008 var på 1945,8 milliarder kroner.

Målt i norske kroner var totalavkastningen -7,83 prosent. 

2. kvartal 2008: 

Pensjonsfondets verdi 1.7 2008 var på 1992 milliarder kroner.

I andre kvartal 2008 ble det tilført fondet 91 milliarder kroner.

Tap på investeringene var i andre kvartal på 39 milliarder kroner.

Tap på sterk krone i forhold til andre valutaer var på 6 milliarder kroner.

Tap totalt var på 45 milliarder kroner.

Målt i norske kroner var totalavkastningen -1,87 prosent. 

Siste 12 måneder; 1.4 2007 til 31.3 2008: 

Finansdepartementet tilførte fondet 331 milliarder kroner.

Tap på investeringene var på 147 milliarder kroner.

Tap på sterk krone i forhold til andre valutaer var på 133 milliarder kroner.

Tap totalt var på 280 milliarder kroner.



Siden oppstart i 1996: 

I disse årene ble fondet tilført 1887 milliarder kroner.

Avkastning økte verdien med 352 milliarder kroner.

Tap på sterk krone i forhold til andre valutaer var på 248 milliarder kroner.


Total avkastning er på 104 milliarder kroner.


Man kan antakelig anslå at så langt som til utgangen av andre kvartal 2008, har Pensjonsfondet økt med omlag 5,5% på 12 år. Ifølge Norges Bank var årlig brutto avkastning de siste 10 årene 4,61% og det siste året var det -6,63%.

Det går dårlig med våre pensjonsinvesteringer og for første gang har de vist til tap i tre kvartaler på rad, og det før finanskrisen virkelig ble superkjendis. Resultatene av dette vil vise seg i tredjekvartalsrapporten som blir offentliggjort i november.


Kilde: Norges Bank


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Økonomiske sitat: 15-17 oktober 2008

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“ Naturally, all these efforts to re-capitalize the fraudsters will be funded by money created out of thin air by the central banks, which means worldwide hyperinflation is on its way, and that is a lock.”

Bob Chapman, 15. oktober

 “Banks don’t make money on the interest differential from lending out other people’s deposits. They make money by lending out more than they take in… by “creating” deposits (i.e., inflation). This is what a fractional reserve banking system does. It will lend again once it is confident that the central bank is making funds easily available and stands ready to bail banks out. By not printing until last month and letting Lehman go, the Fed sent out mixed messages that it is only now clearing up. 

Abolishing the Fed would be a great idea.” 

“But maybe the deflationists will be right about the behavior of banks this time. They have been wrong at each point in history when the economy faced a crisis caused by inflation. The thymological (historical) experience is that when the Fed inflates, the banking system does soon after. The Fed has never inflated in one month as much as it did in September. So the odds are against deflationists. Indeed, the money supply could grow 25-50% in less than a year if that liquidity isn’t taken back.” 

Ed Bugos, 15. oktober 

” Meltdown? What’s wrong with a meltdown? Why shouldn’t bankers fear to lend? Why shouldn’t prices go to what willing buyers and sellers will accept? Why should Wall Street be bailed out? Why shouldn’t investors take the losses they deserve? Why shouldn’t house prices fall rapidly? Why shouldn’t the mistakes of the past five years be corrected quickly, in other words?  

The financial crisis was caused by too much ready credit (more below on the culprit of these E-Z credit policies). Because of it, people made mistakes. Investment mistakes. Business mistakes. Spending mistakes. Even lifestyle mistakes. Those mistakes need to be corrected. The sooner, the better. Besides, we’ve never had a real financial meltdown in America. We’d like to see what one looks like.”


Bill Bonner, 17. oktober


”A credit default swap (CDS) is the most common type of derivative. A credit default swap is similar to an insurance contract protecting the owner against certain financial risks. Are you confused? These types of derivative are very complicated and not even totally understood by those who create them and profit from them. Of course right now these derivatives are failing and no one is profiting. And because of the volume of these derivatives is the reason our banking system and financial institutions are falling apart.” 

“If Congress is actually going to take steps like freezing foreclosures (which it won’t, but which it has no Constitutional authority to do in any case), it may as well take the step actually required here, – to declare all credit default swaps retroactively unenforceable. The CDS’s are the real problem, and the only solution is to void them (they were all constructed in secret, without regulatory oversight of any kind, and apparently threaten the world economy.)”, 9-29-2008 

“We are going to witness the ultimate collapse of the US dollar as a result of this crisis expanding. And if I am wrong? Come on folks. The US government has just stated they are going to begin injecting government money into the US banking system and pump whatever money is necessary to sustain the US economy. Where do you think this money is going to come from? Already the US pays 4 billion dollars a day toward foreign debt. You know and I know that when personal debt reaches a certain level it just is not sustainable any more. Try running your household with half your income going to debt. It just doesn’t work.” 

David Vaughn, 17. oktober  

“In an amazing feat of revisionist history, somehow Hoover’s interventionist policies have been completely forgotten. It is taken as fundamental that his inaction led to the Depression and Roosevelt’s “heroics” got us out. Unfortunately, since we have learned nothing from history, we are about to repeat the very mistakes that lead to the most dire economic circumstance of the last century.A major difference however, is that the structure of the U.S economy today is far weaker than it was in the fall of 1929. Years of reckless consumer borrowing and spending, and enormous trade and budget deficits have resulted in a hollowed out industrial base and an unmanageable mountain of debt owed to foreign creditors. Instead of the support of a strong currency backed by gold, the public now must deal with a modern Fed free to print as much money as politicians want. So rather than getting the benefits of falling consumer prices (as happened during the Depression), consumers today will contend with much higher consumer prices, even as the economy contracts.

With Barack Obama now waiting in the wings to conjure a newer New Deal, far larger than even FDR could have imagined, and at a time when we cannot even afford the old one, this will not be your grandfather’s Depression. It may be much worse.”


Peter Schiff, 17. oktober

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Økonomiske sitat: 1-5 oktober 2008

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“The financial meltdown the economists of the Austrian School predicted has arrived. 

We are in this crisis because of an excess of artificially created credit at the hands of the Federal Reserve System. The solution being proposed? More artificial credit by the Federal Reserve. No liquidation of bad debt and malinvestment is to be allowed. By doing more of the same, we will only continue and intensify the distortions in our economy – all the capital misallocation, all the malinvestment – and prevent the market’s attempt to re-establish rational pricing of houses and other assets.” 

“It’s the same destructive strategy that government tried during the Great Depression: prop up prices at all costs. The Depression went on for over a decade. On the other hand, when liquidation was allowed to occur in the equally devastating downturn of 1921, the economy recovered within less than a year.” 

“F.A. Hayek won the Nobel Prize for showing how central banks’ manipulation of interest rates creates the boom-bust cycle with which we are sadly familiar. In 1932, in the depths of the Great Depression, he described the foolish policies being pursued in his day – and which are being proposed, just as destructively, in our own:” 

Ron Paul, 1. oktober 

“Now we are hearing the moron, Illuminist bankers in Europe drone on about how doltish the Americans are for rejecting such an excellent plan.  Then there is the Caligula Administration, whining that we don’t like the plan any more than you do, but it must be passed or everyone will suffer great pain (as if that can somehow be avoided and as if they aren’t drooling over the profits to be made when the money is doled out).” 

“As the system implodes, the highly appreciated tangible assets of the Illuminists will be used to purchase property for pennies on the dollar as liquidations continue under the weight of what will be a complete systemic failure of the fiat money and credit system, after the elitists have had their fun.  That is their hope, but we doubt they can hold it up long enough to complete their final rip-off of the sheople. This is why they fear the Derivatives Death-Star, and start mumbling to themselves every time someone in Congress brings that subject up.  They must bail out before this Death-Star detonates, or they will be wiped out, hence their desperation to implement the PP.” (Paulson Plan) 

Bob Chapman, 1. oktober   

Europe is the Next to have Serious Problems…and theirs will be Huge.  The culture of banking in Europe is secretive, and they have not admitted the depth of their problems with bad loans and toxic bonds. This will be a much bigger problem than most realize.” 

Monty Guild and Tony Danaher, 1. oktober 

”The moral hazard implicit in the government’s willingness to re-write troubled mortgages ensures that the plan will spark a wave of new delinquencies by borrowers looking to cash in on the windfall. Since troubled loans will no longer be foreclosed by lenders but instead sold to the government, the rational choice for many homeowners will be to stop making their mortgage payments and wait for a better deal from the government. This reality will eventually push the cost of this bailout well above $2 trillion.” 

“In fact, the Senate version of the bailout bill, which authorizes a suspension of mark- to-market, also increases the dollar limit on FDIC insured deposits from $100,000 to $250,000 (with no extra money budgeted to fund the increased taxpayer liability). Only in Washington would a bill pass which simultaneous makes banks more likely to fail while increasing taxpayer exposure when they do!” 

Peter Schiff, 3. oktober 

“What do these gold investors know? Evidently, the posted price for gold is low. It’s another way of saying that gold is underpriced relative to true demand. In fact, the posted price is clearing the market like a vacuum cleaner.” 

The Daily Reckoning, 3. oktober 

Roosevelt was a better politician, which is to say – he was more shameless. He attacked Hoover for spending too much money – won the presidency – and then spent more. He began so many agencies and projects – from the AAA (Agriculture Adjustment Act) to the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) to the SSA (Social Security Act) – he practically ran out of alphabet. He also imposed wage and price controls, as well as limits to executive salaries.  What was the result of all these good intentions? Instead of a panic and quick recovery – a la 1921 – the U.S. economy went into a long, hard on-again, off-again depression that put a quarter of the workforce out of a job. It might have lasted until the ’50s had it not been for the biggest public works program of all time came along – WWII.” 

Bill Bonner, 3. oktober 

“Well, what a surprise, we’ve been sold down the river for the usual “thirty pieces of silver” by our Congress and our President, working together in unison, for the nth time.   The $700 billion bailout, a mere sideshow, sweetened with 150 billion in pork, has now been approved so that Wall Street can continue to game the system and its hapless suckers, the American sheople.  Just put some pork in, and the hungry piranha in Congress would legislate their own mothers into slavery for a nice juicy morsel of that pork.  And never mind the moral hazard dripping from the pork, because that makes it taste all the sweeter.” 

“The Illuminati will now act like drunken sailors at a keg party.  They will drain the keg in short order, and then ask for more.  If they do not get what they want, they will get rowdy, pounding the tables with their mugs and threatening a brawl that will destroy the tavern if they do not get their next round, pronto.  Out comes the next keg, which gets drained even faster than the first because everyone is inebriated, and the next round of table pounding and threats becomes manifest.  This process will proceed until everyone at the party has more than they can handle and passes out.  Then comes the derivatives tsunami that will drown them all in a sea of counterparty risk, an event which will be used to usher in a new Orwellian, corporatist fascist state, where the financial, manufacturing and other major industries are all nationalized.  We, and our European and Canadian counterparts, will all then resemble our fellow fascists, Marxists and dictators in Russia, in China, in the Middle East, in Asia and in South America, and the formation of world government will seem like the most the most natural thing to do, when everyone is on the same page, after the pesky, arrogant United States has been humbled into submission.” 

“Everyone on Wall Street knows that the subprime paper is not the real problem.  The real reason they distrust one another, and will not lend to one another, is the unknown counterparty risk that will go into a plasma state when the Derivative Death-Star detonates.  It is the opaque, unregulated OTC derivatives market that they are really afraid of.” 

“The Fed has informed Bank of America to be ready for a one-week universal shutdown of the banking system, including access to checking accounts, savings accounts and credit cards. This is why you need $5,000 in small bills in your safe at home and small denomination gold and silver coins.” 

Bob Chapman, 4. oktober 

“There is no doubt that some semblance of “normalcy” to return to the markets…eventually. The only problem is, as Keynes once observed, “The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.”  

Joel Bowman, 5. oktober     

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En stor seier for Den Nye Verdensorden

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Bankeliten fikk sin redningspakke


Under trusler om USA`s økonomiske undergang og at børsen ville falle flere tusen poeng første dagen og et par tusen poeng andre dagen, ble Kongressen ”overtalt” til å vedta den økonomiske redningspakken for den fiansielle eliten som selv står bak krisen. Ja, selv trusselen om unntakstilstand ble fremlagt i private møter, mens NorthCom står klar til å slå ned på folkelig uro militært og sier i sitt magasin at de håper de slipper å bruke makt!


Kongressrepresentantene har blitt utsatt for et enormt press av regjeringen og finansdepartementet for å legge forholdene til rette for det endelige endeliktet av den amerikanske middelklassen og dermed den amerikanske nasjonen som sådan. Til og med trusler om et nytt angrep med Antrax-basiller (miltbrann) mot representanter har blitt lagt frem. Dette skjedde mot motstandere av the Patriot Act like etter 911 i 2001 og som senere viste seg å komme fra et amerikansk laboratorium, ikke fra nåtidens falske nemesis, Al Quida som forøvrig er et underbruk av CIA.


Bush, finansminister Paulson, og sentralbanksjefen Bernanke har i forkant av godkjenningen av redningspakken truet med depresjon og finansiell Armageddon dersom den ikke ble godkjent, noe som må karakteriseres som finansiell terrorisme og forsøk på å skape frykt og å slutte troppene rundt myndighetene ved regjerningen som selv står bak det hele, men ønsker å fremstå som svaret til alle disse truslene. Problem, reaksjon, løsning (the Hegelian Dialectic).


Alle vet nå at USA har gjeld og forpliktelser som overstiger brutto nasjonalprodukt på 14 billioner dollar med flere ganger. Underskuddet er 2-3 milliarder dollar hver eneste dag. Den såkalte redningspekken som alle i midtstrømsmedia i Norge varmt har anbefalt, sies å være på 700 milliarder dollar. Det endelige beløpet er av mange finansielle eksperter anslått til mange ganger dette beløpet. Bloomberg har anslått det til 5 BILLIONER. (på engelsk 5 trillioner) I tillegg har de all den private gjelden og gjeld som kredittkort som amerikanerne har blitt overtalt til å skaffe seg i en idiotisk tankegang om at man kan skaffe seg økt kjøpekraft ved å sette seg i gjeld. Det er en felle som er skapt av den finansielle eliten som selv produserer penger kostnadsfritt, som de i sin tur selger til den amerikanske staen som i sin tur igjen betaler ved å skattelegge alle.


Paul Craig Roberts (finansiell ekspert i regjeringen til Ronald Reagan) sa i The Alex Jones Show den 3. oktober at det økonomiske hegenomiet til USA nå er over. Men vi skal ikke sitte her i Norge og glede oss over det fordi konsekvensene av plutokratiets angrep på middelklassen vil også ramme oss selv. Vent bare og se, skalk lukene for den finansielle stormen som kommer og som er en forsmak på det diktaturet som venter på oss. Den som tror politikerne og den norske stat vil ha vanlige menneskers liv som høyeste verdi som de vil beskytte, er ikke klar over hva som egentlig skjer. Vi må nå bare konstatere at staten er folkefiende nummer 1 og vi må stole på oss selv og våre gode naboer og familie. Det vi har opplevd hittil i Norge er bare en frisk bris. Forbered deg på en orkan. Slutt med å være apatisk, sett deg inn i hva som egentlig skjer og informer andre. Protester mot myndighetene som iverksetter mere og mere individkrenkende tiltak og stadig demonstrerer sin forakt for folket fordi de tjener globale krefter, ikke folket. Vi er ikke lengre styrt av representanter for folket, men av globale entiteter som EU, NATO og FN.


Hva gjør vi?


Reduser eller kom deg helt ut av gjeld, kjøp mat for lagring, kjøp gull og sølv, kom deg i form, vær vennlig mot dine naboer og slekt, ikke lever våpen inn til myndighetene, informer deg selv ved IKKE å lese aviser eller se på TV (riksdekkende), men bruk alternativ media som internett mens det ennå er fritt. Og ikke minst, kom deg på rett side av Gud ved å lese Bibelen.  Fienden som går under betegnelser som Den Nye Verdensorden, det militær-industrielle kompleks, Illuminati, New Age, frimureri, med mange undergrupper, er høyst religiøse filosofier, men deres religion er alt som går på tvers av  kristendommen.


Det neste store angrepet på frihet vil være begynnelsen på slutten av det frie internett. Plutokratiet kan ikke tillate at frie tanker spres så effektivt som tilfellet er med internett.


Det er ikke lett å følge med, og ikke minst skjønne, hva som er i ferd med å skje. Folk flest tror at det som rapporteres i Store Media er den hele og store sannhet og alt annet er bare konspirasjonsteorier. Det er gjennom tidene blitt brukt mye penger på å formidle denne falskheten. Utdanningen er fra barndommen av forkvaklet av en agenda som tjener plutokratiets interesser og selve tankegangen til folk flest har blitt infisert av den.


Dette er mine private oppfattninger fattet så kort som mulig. Den som fnyser av det men likevel innser at vi som samfunn er på gale veier, oppfordres til å bruke det fantastiske verktøyet som internett representerer, mens vi ennå har det. Hvis det går slik jeg frykter, vil også internettet bli gjenstand for stadig mere kontroll og begrensninger. Alt selvfølgelig for å hindre terrorisme, mobbing, feilinformasjon o.l som begrunnelse til at eliten tar hånd om også denne store faren og lanserer sin egen løsning på ”problemet”. Se opp for Internett 2.


Klikk ikonet øverst til høyre for å høre på the Alex Jones Show som går direkte fra Austin, Texas, USA, fra 18:00-22:00 på hverdager og 23:00-01:00 på søndager (norsk tid)

Dette programmet forteller hva som egentlig skjer, med intervjuer av fagfolk på en rekke områder. Dette er radioprogram nr. 1 når det gjelder oppslutning om forsvaret for frihet og avdekking av plutokratiets planer om verdenshegenomi.


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Økonomiske sitat: 27-29 september 2008

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” Not to be outdone by their brothers in the military and industrial complex, the big bankers and financiers of the Illuminati have, during that same period, profited from the bubble and real estate bubble, not to mention the quadrillion dollar derivatives casino, that were set up through the repeal of Glass-Steagall by the Gramm Leach Blilely Act in 1999, followed by the deregulation of what was to become the gargantuan OTC derivatives market by the Commodity Futures Modernization Act in 2000.” 

“You might have been wondering why all these big banks like JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America are buying up and absorbing toxic waste dumps like Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Countrywide and Washington Mutual, seemingly without fear that their toxic waste might poison them and put them under.  Wonder no longer, because all the Illuminist scum running these big banks were told in advance that the Paulson Plan would be slam-dunked down the throats of our Congress by the peerless Caligula Administration.  All that toxic waste, they were told months in advance, would not affect them, because the Illuminist operatives in our government were going to pawn it off on the dopey sheople, who would be sold down the river by their traitorous, so-called representatives in our government.” 

“The Paulson Plan will start with $700 billion, and end up being $7 trillion (plus) as they extend the bailout to include not only real estate derivatives but credit default swaps and interest rate swaps as well.  The average family of four gets a stimulus check for $1,200 from their government, and then they pay out 8 times that much back to their government, almost $10,000, just for the opening volley on the Paulson Plan as initially proposed, not to mention the Fannie and Freddie bailout, which will also cost roughly the same, just for openers.  Twelve hundred for you, ten thousand for them.  That is the Illuminist way, and it will create a hyperinflationary recession and a Very Large Depression that will make the 1930’s look like a cake-walk, while simultaneously removing any remaining pretense of free and open markets.” 

“You had best buy gold and silver quickly to protect yourself from the coming catastrophe.  While the ancient Jews had lamb’s blood to put on their door posts to protect them from the Destroyer, you will have to settle for gold and silver.  We also note that God is still available as well, and we suggest you call on His services for the ultimate in bailout protection.”      

Bob Chapman, 27. september 

“And what a bunch of numbskulls – Greenspan, Paulson and Bernanke! Every word they’ve said so far has been financial poison. “Greenspan relaxed about house prices…” reported the Financial Times in 2005. “Most negatives in housing are probably behind us…” said the same sage in October 2006. “We believe the effect of the troubles in the subprime sector…will be likely limited…” said Bernanke in March 2007. It’s “not a serious problem…I think it’s going to be largely contained,” added Paulson in April 2007.  

But these are the same numbskulls who now say they are saving capitalism from itself. Ah, there’s the rub…amid all this giddy merriment is a serious threat. The feds have bailed out the bankers, the insurers, the mortgage lenders, and half of Wall Street. But who will bail out the feds?

Since 1971, the world’s money system rests on the dollar. And the dollar rests on nothing but faith, hope and the kindness of strangers. And while the full faith and credit of the United States of America is elastic, it can snap.”

“Where will the government get that kind of money? There are only two possibilities – one honest and depressing, the other corrupt and alarming. Whether it borrows the money, or prints it up, the world enjoys no net increase in financial resources. Borrowing takes resources from projects that might have been worthwhile and diverts them to the losers. Interest rates rise, as a consequence of the extra borrowing; higher rates generally worsen the economic picture. And while the U.S. borrows, long term, at almost 5%, it lends at barely 2%. It’s like a bank that has gotten its business model badly mixed up. The more it borrows and lends, the faster it goes broke.  If, on the other hand, it merely prints the money – or if it creates it “out of thin air,” to use Lord Keynes’ handy phrase – the results are even worse. Inflating the money supply with new currency, a la Argentina or Zimbabwe, wipes out debts. But it destroys faith in the dollar and brings down the whole world’s money system.”  

”Yes, dear reader, as predicted in these pages…we are witnessing an epochal shift – from capitalism to socialism…from markets to politics…from subtle swindle to naked larceny…from white collar grifters to stick-up men…from slick fraud to brute force.” 

Bill Bonner, 29. september 

“Another reason that I cry so piteously and drink so abusively is that all this new government borrowing will create so much new money that it will destroy the dollar’s buying power, taking my own country down with it. The only reason that I stop bawling like a little crybaby is the knowledge that the people who own gold, silver and oil will get rich, rich, rich, and since I own gold, then people will want me to loan them a few bucks out of my huge stacks of money because they are starving, and their children are starving, and I will say “No!”, and it will be thin gruel indeed for them to hear my mocking voice again echoing in their heads, “Buy gold, silver and oil, you morons, because your stupid government is letting a private bank (that misleadingly calls itself the Federal Reserve when it is, in fact, neither) to create so damned much fiat money that it will produce catastrophic inflation in consumer prices that will destroy the country, just like it has done to every other stupid country in the last 4,000 years that let its stupid government increase a fiat money supply at its whim! Hahahaha! Now you see why I always said you were freaking doomed! Hahaha!” 

The Mogambo Guru, 29. september 

“Now the terrified trio of Bush, Bernanke and Hank want $700 billion just to refinance the U.S. investment banks and their foreign landfill sites, let alone home-buyers, mortgage lenders and house builders. Yet five U.K. banks alone hold $175 billion of qualifying junk — fully one quarter of the sum requested. So no wonder Bill Gross — boss of Pimco, the world’s biggest bond fund, and a cheerleader for governmental intervention ever since Bear Stearns’ hedge funds went “hiccup!” — says the “troubled auction recovery program” will need another $500 billion on top, just for starters.” 

Adrian Ash, 29. september

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