Økonomiske sitat: 15-17 oktober 2008

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“ Naturally, all these efforts to re-capitalize the fraudsters will be funded by money created out of thin air by the central banks, which means worldwide hyperinflation is on its way, and that is a lock.”

Bob Chapman, 15. oktober

 “Banks don’t make money on the interest differential from lending out other people’s deposits. They make money by lending out more than they take in… by “creating” deposits (i.e., inflation). This is what a fractional reserve banking system does. It will lend again once it is confident that the central bank is making funds easily available and stands ready to bail banks out. By not printing until last month and letting Lehman go, the Fed sent out mixed messages that it is only now clearing up. 

Abolishing the Fed would be a great idea.” 

“But maybe the deflationists will be right about the behavior of banks this time. They have been wrong at each point in history when the economy faced a crisis caused by inflation. The thymological (historical) experience is that when the Fed inflates, the banking system does soon after. The Fed has never inflated in one month as much as it did in September. So the odds are against deflationists. Indeed, the money supply could grow 25-50% in less than a year if that liquidity isn’t taken back.” 

Ed Bugos, 15. oktober 

” Meltdown? What’s wrong with a meltdown? Why shouldn’t bankers fear to lend? Why shouldn’t prices go to what willing buyers and sellers will accept? Why should Wall Street be bailed out? Why shouldn’t investors take the losses they deserve? Why shouldn’t house prices fall rapidly? Why shouldn’t the mistakes of the past five years be corrected quickly, in other words?  

The financial crisis was caused by too much ready credit (more below on the culprit of these E-Z credit policies). Because of it, people made mistakes. Investment mistakes. Business mistakes. Spending mistakes. Even lifestyle mistakes. Those mistakes need to be corrected. The sooner, the better. Besides, we’ve never had a real financial meltdown in America. We’d like to see what one looks like.”


Bill Bonner, 17. oktober


”A credit default swap (CDS) is the most common type of derivative. A credit default swap is similar to an insurance contract protecting the owner against certain financial risks. Are you confused? These types of derivative are very complicated and not even totally understood by those who create them and profit from them. Of course right now these derivatives are failing and no one is profiting. And because of the volume of these derivatives is the reason our banking system and financial institutions are falling apart.” 

“If Congress is actually going to take steps like freezing foreclosures (which it won’t, but which it has no Constitutional authority to do in any case), it may as well take the step actually required here, – to declare all credit default swaps retroactively unenforceable. The CDS’s are the real problem, and the only solution is to void them (they were all constructed in secret, without regulatory oversight of any kind, and apparently threaten the world economy.)”, 9-29-2008 

“We are going to witness the ultimate collapse of the US dollar as a result of this crisis expanding. And if I am wrong? Come on folks. The US government has just stated they are going to begin injecting government money into the US banking system and pump whatever money is necessary to sustain the US economy. Where do you think this money is going to come from? Already the US pays 4 billion dollars a day toward foreign debt. You know and I know that when personal debt reaches a certain level it just is not sustainable any more. Try running your household with half your income going to debt. It just doesn’t work.” 

David Vaughn, 17. oktober  

“In an amazing feat of revisionist history, somehow Hoover’s interventionist policies have been completely forgotten. It is taken as fundamental that his inaction led to the Depression and Roosevelt’s “heroics” got us out. Unfortunately, since we have learned nothing from history, we are about to repeat the very mistakes that lead to the most dire economic circumstance of the last century.A major difference however, is that the structure of the U.S economy today is far weaker than it was in the fall of 1929. Years of reckless consumer borrowing and spending, and enormous trade and budget deficits have resulted in a hollowed out industrial base and an unmanageable mountain of debt owed to foreign creditors. Instead of the support of a strong currency backed by gold, the public now must deal with a modern Fed free to print as much money as politicians want. So rather than getting the benefits of falling consumer prices (as happened during the Depression), consumers today will contend with much higher consumer prices, even as the economy contracts.

With Barack Obama now waiting in the wings to conjure a newer New Deal, far larger than even FDR could have imagined, and at a time when we cannot even afford the old one, this will not be your grandfather’s Depression. It may be much worse.”


Peter Schiff, 17. oktober

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  1. Hei. Jeg vil bare si at du har en flott blogg og at du kanskje vil finne denne artikkelen her interessant:

    Republiser den gjerne hos deg.


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  2. Hei Frank Aune,

    Takk for ditt besøk til min blogg.

    Jeg leste linken til artikkelen og det var interessant. Året 2012 er fra veldig mange kilder oppgitt som et år da store omveltninger vil skje. Jeg vet ikke, men jeg forbereder meg.

    Den norske politikeren som snakker om flere norske undergrunnsbaser er interessant. Det hadde selvfølgelig vært en stor fordel om han/hun stod frem med navn til offentligheten. Jeg fester derimot ikke lit til at basene er bygd for en antatt hendelse fra verdensrommet. Dette har fra andre kilder vært formidlet å være en avledning fra den egentlige krisen, en menneskeskapt krise fra den globale eliten.

    Fra amerikansk hold har jeg fått spørsmål om undergrunnsbaser men har så langt ikke kunnet gi noen informasjon fordi jeg ikke vet noe om det. Men det overrasker meg ikke i det hele tatt fordi jeg vet at den norske politiske eliten er under press og kontroll fra den anglo-amerikanske eliten, også kalt Den Nye Verdensorden. Slik jeg ser det, er det derfra trusselen mot menneskeheten kommer fra, ikke fra verdensrommet, som jeg tror er en bevisst distraksjon.

    Det er ellers gledelig at en av mine artikler ble listet opp i artikkelen, “Arvegullet som forsvant”. Det gleder meg også at i alle fall noen andre nordmenn er bekymret over dette sviket mot vårt lands befolkning.

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